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Do you have enough quality leads, quality training, high level skills, and promising recruits?

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Do you know your purpose and have a sense of value as a real estate professional?

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As a real estate agent, do you impact the world and connect to community through work.



With its roots firmly established in grassroots community development, social entrepreneurship, and mentoring, the Community Affiliated Real Estate Experts' Network (The C.A.R.E. Network), provides community enrichment through the efforts of forward-thinking real estate professionals.

Ambassador of Goodwill & Founder, Joseph Luczaj, established The C.A.R.E. Network to help real estate professionals create a more meaningful career and increase revenue.

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Increase revenue. Make a difference. Live a life of purpose.

Find Meaning in Your Work and Increase Revenue by Connecting to Community!

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I’m 99% certain you’re going to love the C.A.R.E. Network, and starting your path to purpose and revenue. We want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with our network, culture and your purchasing experience which is why we always offer a full, no fuss 30 day money back guarantee if it turns out it’s not for you for whatever reason. - Joseph Luczaj