My name is Joseph Luczaj and I am the founder and CEO of Care Network.  Before we get into the details of Care Network, I would like to tell you the story of how I turned an often brutal and painful history into the driving force for my growth, achievement and service.

I was abandoned by my mom by the time I was 3.  I went through failed adoptions. I was kidnapped and locked in a room for a year.  By the time I was eight, I was a ward of the state. As an orphan, I did the foster home shuffle.  I lived in over 40 foster homes and shelters. Some good. Some bad. Some very bad. All invaluable to the formation of the man before you today.

At 14 I landed at the Goodwill Hinckley homeschool farm for boys and girls.  It was there that I started to form lasting relationships. I began to learn the building blocks of integrity and service that would become the driving force of my character and the foundational principles of Care Network.  It would be nice and tidy to say that I was on a path of clarity and success from that point forward. But, even after leaving G/H I ran into many of the same roadblocks and patterns that had impacted me for years and kept me from my potential.

 There came a moment in my early 20’s when I had a choice to make. I knew what the path of just survival looked like.  Many of my friends were barely making it, dead or in jail. Thankfully, I also knew that I could break the cycle of violence and harm of my childhood and set out on my own path.

I realized that I was the one keeping me from my potential.  It was me. And, I could change. I consciously adopted an attitude of accountability.  An attitude of gratitude. An attitude of ambition married to service. What began at Goodwill Hinckley ran through me as ripples of choices and opportunities.  And, with each choice in the direction of the man I wanted to be, I found my driving force and began the triumph over adversity that sparked my passion for the Care Network.  And, has led me to you today.

Together, Care Network is our opportunity to continue the impact of integrity and service rippling out into the world through each of our actions and transactions.