To everyday educate and inspire professional in leading a more fulfilled life in the service of others by connecting to community.

Do Better by Doing Good!

Through Social Entrepreneurship, members can increase their sense of purpose as a professional, find more meaning in their work, connect to community, and increase revenue. C.A.R.E. Network provides members with training and branded tools to market themselves to consumers as social entrepreneur agents. We train members on best practices, engaging non-profits to maximize social impact and marketing efficacy. We help members create their vision for their mission within their community. By linking purpose and marketing, members increase revenue through increased client closings.

Global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause
(given comparable price and quality)

Consumers more likely to trust a company that supports social and environmental issues

Consumers more loyal to these kinds of companies as well

According to Cone Communications and their CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY,' (CSR) report

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